Both emotional and physical benefits are associated with belly binding, which is a wonderful way to provide new mamas a chance to practice a little self care in the early postpartum period. The Indo-Malay practice of wrapping the abdominal area after childbirth has proven mental and physical benefits that allow newly postpartum mamas help their bodies’ recovery.

In Asia, wrapping is done from 5 days postpartum, or once the incision has healed if there was a cesarean birth. The wrap is worn 8-10 hours per day throughout the postpartum period. However, we advise that it is best worn after the approval of your midwife or medical practitioner.

Physical and Emotional Benefits

  • Helps the uterus return to pre-pregnancy size

  • Improves posture and spinal alignment

  • Alleviates back pain

  • Helps heal abdominal separation

  • Provides some much need pampering and self-care

  • Stabilizes loose ligaments

  • Helps with support during breastfeeding sessions

  • Reduces water, air, and fat in tissue by providing pressure to key areas

  • Gently allows organs to return to their pre-pregnancy positioning

Ready made modern wraps made from soft cotton are also available if you prefer to use these alongside the belly binding service in the postpartum period.

Total treatment time is 90 minutes. Special attention is given to the abdominal area with a belly warming paste also included in the service.

One session and multiple sessions packages available - let us customise the care for your needs. Contact Bliss Mama further for pricing and details.