As a busy parent getting a pampering massage at home will allow you to catch up on some of the care you’ve been neglecting to give yourself. Being the superwomen that they are, mamas often neglect themselves and often take last place on the priorities list. Whatever stage you may be on your life’s journey, massage can benefit you as it is a wonderful way to improve your physical, mental and spiritual well being.

A mobile massage therapy session allows you to enjoy instant relaxation and it is fuss-free, as you enjoy a deeper sense of calm in the comfort and convenience of your own home.

All you need is enough room for a massage table and access to a bathroom for hand washing.

You can maximise the benefits of the healing massage by having a rest after, in the soothing ambience of your home.

This service extends to papas as well. 

My specialisation is prenatal and postnatal massage. As part of this I practise various modalities according to what we agree will suit your needs. These include:

Swedish - Javanese - Sports - Deep Tissue - Thai Yoga Massage - Myofascial release - Hot Stones